Analogue Addressable Fire Detection System Syncro ASM


The Syncro ASM is an analogue addressable Alarm Panel for
maximal 2 loops, each supporting up to 126 detectors tl_files/safetec/products/Synchro ASM/FMS01.108_Synchro ASM.jpgand alarm devices. Several units can be interconnected to a more complex system via the RS485- bus. By default the Alarm Panel includes 8 configurable voltage free in- and outputs that can be augmented with supplemental cards (approvals pending).

The Fire Alarm Panel Syncro ASM is in compliance with EN54-2 and EN54-4 and is suited for service in seagoing vessels.
Approvals: LR, GL, DNV, KR, CCS, ABS, MED

Repeater Panel Syncro View

Repeater Panel Syncro ASM
Repeater Panel Syncro ASM FSM01.108

Typ: Syncro ASM
Art.No.: FMS01.108

The Repeater Panel Syncro View shows all messages from Fire detection Panel Syncro ASM. It allows the complete operation of the Syncro fire detection system. The connection takes place via the RS-485- Bus of the Syncro ASM Fire Detection- and Alarm Panel. Up to 2 Syncro View devices can be connected without additional power supply (24V=) to the Fire Detection Panel.


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