Electrical Gas Release Control System E-GAS



The Electrical Gas Release Control System E-GAS is designed for control of fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems as defined in the International Maritime Organization MSC/Circ. 848, as referred to in SOLAS 74, for Machinery Spaces and Cargo Pump Rooms, as amended by MSC.1/Circ. 1267. The electrical gas release system offers versatiles advantages over a pneumatic gas release system:

  • possibility to connect multiple release panels to one system
  • simple and intuitiv control of up to 5 extinguishing sections with only one release panel
  • control of the release system from different locations
  • teh release system can control up to 32 extinguishing sections
  • display with indication of the actual system state
  • safe operation due to system self supervision
  • monitored circuits
  • monitored cylinder pressure
  • integrated test function for pre alarm devices
  • space saving equipment
  • simple installation
  • interface to ship`s automation system

The electrical release control system E-GAS offers two concepts for the release of the gas containers:
Variant A: Electrical release of all gas containers.
Variant B: Electrical release of the first and the last gas container, further gas containers will be released pneumatically by the first and the last container.

Gas Discharge Release Panel CP-35

Gas Discharge Release Panel CP-35
Gas Discharge Release Panel CP-35

Typ: CP-35
Art.No.: CP35.001

The release panel CP-35 for electrical control of gas fire-extinguishing systems is housed in a very compact enclosure. The operation and indication elements are protected by a lockable front door with window. Further functions:

  • Max. 5 sections can be controlled from one release panel.
  • Pressing button “1" activates the pre alarm in the protected section (optional) and starts the adjustable timer. The red LED in the button is on.
  • After time delay has elapsed and pressing button "2", the adjacent cylinders will be released. The red LED in the button is on. The LCD display indicates the actual release state.
  • 6 optional voltage free contacts can be used for alarms and shutdown functions.
  • For electrical connection a 4-wire bus cable has to be connected.

Module Cabinet MC-308

Modul Cabinet MC-308
Modul Cabinet MC-308

Typ: MC-308
Art.No.: MC20.202

The module cabinet contains I/O-modules, a power supply module and a lead battery with battery charger (optional). More complex systems will require a larger housing.


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